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Dec 30, 2014

Sirat e Rasool Ki Aaini wa Dastoori Ehmiat

Seerat E Rasul s.a.w ki Dasturi O Ayeni Ahmiat, is an Urdu book by Dr Tahir al Qadri. This book will tell us about the constitutional aspect of life of Muhammad PBUH. Pious Life of Muhammad PBUH covers the individual personal life, social life and national and international affairs of humans. In Makkah Muhammad PBUH introduced the Islam and its rules, but when Muhammad PBUH migrated to Madina, there Prophet of Allah also worked hard to stay an organized society of Muslims as well as society og all Humans on this earth which will be an example for all times. It is settled truth that any society can not exists without any law which is constituted. It means a state where right is right, not right is might. So where laws and rules are obeyed by all units of state, it is call a civilized and organized society, this society, an ideal society, was first time in history of humans was created by Muhammad PBUH on this earth, even the American constitution reached at this stage after many hundred years, but Constitution which was given by Muhammad PBUH was at highest stage at that time when all earth was darkened. This book will help the students of Law to know about the development and history of Law, constitution and Rules.

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