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Dec 30, 2014

Hierarch of Siam 4 (Islam in Thailand)

Shaikh Syam became a famous personality in Court of King Thom third. King assigned him the duty of Prime Minister, SHeikh al Islam and many other duties for the Siam (Thailand). This designation remain in progeny of Sheikh Ahmed Qomi, and this designation is also exists in govt of Thailand. Mourning for Hussein a.s by Shiites in Thailand was started by Sheikh Ahmed Qomi, twice in month of Muharram, even once a group which was anti govt. but that group with the help of groups of Shiites doing mourning, ended the govt. Sheikh had only one son because one died in early age, his son was in charge of the civil affairs. Sheikh's daughter also were serving in king's court and she got married with Agha Muhammad who was a minister of Siam.

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