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Ashab Kahf - Awais Qarni - Khalid bin Walid

Salahuddin Ayubi - Omar Mukhtar - Nur ud Din Zangi - Tipu Sultan

Here is a List of Complete Movies based on Islamic and Biblical History
  1. Prophet David A.S in Islam

  2. Prophet Adam and Hwa A.S (Urdu) Biblical Movie

  3. Prophet David 1 Urdu (Prophet Dawud A.S) Biblical Movie

  4. Prophet David 2 Urdu (Prophet Dawud A.S) Biblical Movie

  5. Prophet David 3 Urdu (Prophet Dawud A.S) Biblical Movie

  6. Prophet David 4 End Urdu (Prophet Dawud A.S) Biblical Movie

  7. Prophet Job A.S 1 (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  8. Prophet Job A.S 2 (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  9. Prophet Job A.S 3 (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  10. Prophet Job A.S 4 (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  11. Prophet Job A.S 5 End (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  12. Prophet Samuel (AS) Urdu Samwil (Nabi Samuil) 

  13. The story of Talut (Saul) A King Chosen by Allah 

  14. Prophet Lut A.S (Prophet loot and Ibrahim A.S) 

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Queen Balqees (Queen of Sheba) Full Arabic Serial

Her father is Alhdah bin Sharhabil, the King of Sheba. Before his death, he recommended the succession of his governance to Balqees saying:
"I saw men, and knew people of virtue, and I know them from their kings, I swear by, that Balqees have the vision, the knowledge, and the dream...”
After the King’s death, Queen Balqees took over and ruled Yemen and followed the Kings of ‘Humier’. Her armies defeated and invaded Babylon, Persia and Iraq and assigned Rulers on them. She went back to Yemen to declare it as the ‘Kingdom of Sheba’.
Balqees Bint Alhdhad bin Sharhabil lived in the City of Sheba and today was known as the City of Marib. She transformed the Kingdom with Courage, Wisdom, and Measure. She restructured the famous Marib Dam, to bring water descending from the East of Sana'a. Had her Palace be designed with three hundred and sixty-windows in such a manner that the sunlight shines everyday from every window throughout the year and called it ‘Palace of Balqees’, which still has repercussions till date. During her reign, she managed to stabilize the Kingdom’s Wealth, Trade & Agriculture, which led the country into prosperity.

Queen Balqees 1 (Queen of Sheba) Full Arabic Serial

Queen Balqees 2 (Queen of Sheba) Full Arabic Serial

Queen Balqees 3 (Queen of Sheba) Full Arabic Serial

Queen Balqees 4 (Queen of Sheba) Full Arabic Serial

Queen Balqees 4 (Queen of Sheba) Full Arabic Serial

Queen Balqees 6 (Queen of Sheba) Full Arabic Serial

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Saint Mary A.S Episode 11 End (Urdu) full 9 hours

We have already discussed the great status which Islam gives to Mary. Islam gives her the status of being the most perfect of women created. In the Quran, no woman is given more attention than Mary even though all the prophets, with the exception of Adam, had mothers. Of the Quran’s 114 chapters, she is among the eight people who have a chapter named after them, the nineteenth chapter “Maryam”, which is Mary in Arabic. The third chapter in the Quran is named after her father, Imran (Heli). Chapters Maryam and Imran are among the most beautiful chapters in the Quran. In addition, Mary is the only woman specifically named in the Quran. The Prophet Muhammad said:
“The best women of the world are four: Mary the daughter of Heli, Aasiyah the wife of Pharaoh, Khadeejah bint Khuwaylid (The wife of the Prophet Muhammad), and Fatimah, the daughter of the Muhammad, the Messenger of God.” (Al-Tirmidhi)
Despite all these merits which we have mentioned, Mary and her son Jesus were only human, and they had no characteristics which were beyond the realm of humanity. They were both created beings and both ‘born’ into this world. Although they were under the special care of God from committing grave sins (total protection - as other prophets - in the case of Jesus, and partial protection as other righteous persons in case of Mary, if we take the position that she was not a prophetess), they still were prone to make mistakes. Unlike Christianity, which holds Mary to be faultless[2], none are given this quality of perfection except God Alone.Islam commands the belief and implementation of strict monotheism; that none have any supernatural powers other than God, and that He alone deserves worship, devotion and adoration. Even though miracles may have occurred at the hands of the prophets and righteous people during their lives, they have no power to help themselves, let alone others, after their death. All humans are slaves of God and are in need of His help and mercy.The same holds true for Mary. Although many miracles occurred in her presence, all this ceased after her death. Any claims people have made that they saw apparitions of the Virgin, or that people were saved from harm after invoking her, like those mentioned in apocryphal literature such as “Transitus Mariae”, are mere apparitions made by Satan to steer people away from the worship and devotion to the One True God. Devotions such as 'the Hail Mary' praised upon the rosary and other acts of magnification, such as the devotion of churches and specification of feasts to Mary, all lead people to magnify and glorify others besides God. Due to these reasons, Islam has strictly forbidden innovations of any kind, as well as building places of worship over graves, all to preserve the essence of all religions sent by God, the pristine message to worship Him alone and to leave the false worship of all other besides Him.
Mary was a maidservant of God, and she was the purest of all women, specially chosen to bear the miraculous birth of Jesus, one of the greatest of all prophets. She was known for her piety and chastity, and she will continue to be held in this great regard throughout the ages to come. Her story has been related in the Glorious Quran since the advent of the Prophet Muhammad, and will continue to be so, unchanged in its pristine form, until the Day of Judgment.
Here the story of Mary’s upbringing and girlhood, as related in the Quran, ends.

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Doomsday and Age of Dajjal 9 (Anti Christ)

There are hadiths that mean: "Judgment Day will come only when the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, until the Jew hides behind the tree and the stone, and the tree and the stone say: ‘Oh Muslim, Oh servant of Allah , there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him’
Just as there are mutashabih (having more than one meaning) verses, so too are there mutashabih hadiths. That is, some deep truths are expressed through similes and metaphors. One of the mutashabih hadiths is the one mentioned above. Allah knows best but one of the interpretations of the hadith may be as follows. At the end of time, the mischief and destruction of Jews will increase so much and their impertinence and rebellion will rise so much that Muslims and Christians will unite and act together against them. After coming together, they will form one power against Jews and will destroy them.
There will be serious antipathy against Jews all over the world so people will inform about Jews through all kinds of communication media, and will try to eliminate them. The Prophet (pbuh) said even the stones and trees would inform about them to express the extremeness of the situation.
The Truthful Informant (the Prophet) informed us about it. It will take place sooner or later. Nowadays, they are continuing to gather in their promised land, where they will face their ultimate end; they are continuing their oppression that will cause the general conscience of humanity to decide about ultimate impact they will receive. Until the decision process of the general conscience of humanity against them, which is likened to the talking of the stones and trees, is completed, the curse of the oppressed will reach its target and the material supplies necessary for the execution of the decision given by the oppressed consciences will be obtained.
Hazrat Jabir (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: "The Messenger of Allah said:
"A section of my people will not cease fighting for the Truth and will prevail till the Day of Resurrection. He said: Jesus, son of Mary, would then descend and their (Muslims') commander would invite him to come and lead them in prayer, but he would say: No, some amongst you are commanders over some (amongst you). “(Muslim, Eeman 247.)
The hadith expresses that Islam will prevail in the world until the Day of Judgment and that it will exist having a power to fight openly. That expression means the powers against Islam will exist, too. However, it informs us that Islam will not exist in the form of a defeated religion, having been intimidated, hidden, and ineffective, and among limited number of people but struggling victoriously, openly and gloriously. That prophetic information is a glad tiding that is enough to make Muslims get rid of hopelessness about future. Throughout history, Muslims have been exposed to torture, insult, migration and defeat but they have never been destroyed by a decisive beating. The Prophet informs us that the situation will go on until the Day of Judgment and that Muslims may be intimidated in some parts of the world but the flag of oneness will wave in others.
Our Prophet (pbuh) definitely saw, with the permission of Allah, all of the days to come until the Day of Judgment and informed us about them. The news that he gave us about the future occurred like the morning sun and will continue to occur. However, he had to give the news in a covered style so as not to harm the mystery of testing. He gave the news in a covered way. The news about the Day of Judgment is covered like that.
Now, let us have a look at some of the news the Prophet (pbuh) gave about the future:
Hazrat Huzayfa (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘I swear by Allah, in whose hand is my soul, that Doomsday will not strike unless you kill your belief, swing your swords against your Muslim brothers and the evil ones inherit your world.’”1
Hazrat Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) and Hazrat Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrate: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘There will be disorders as dark as the night before Doomsday strikes. At that time, a person gets up as a believer and becomes an unbeliever in the evening. He is an unbeliever in the evening but gets up as an unbeliever in the morning. Many people sell their religion in return for very small amounts.’”2
Abu Musa (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘After you, some days will come when knowledge and science will be removed and harj will increase!’
“The Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) asked:
‘O Messenger of Allah! What is harj?’
“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:
‘It is killing. It is killing. It is killing.’”3
Umar ibn Hamza (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘You will definitely fight Jews! The battle will be so intense that the stone will say: ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!.”4
Abdullah bin Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Jews will fight you! However, in the end, you will defeat them. Killing will be so intense that the stone will say: ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!’”5
Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Judgment Day will not come unless Muslims fight the Jews. Muslims will defeat and kill Jews. The Jew will hide behind the stone and the tree, and the stone or tree will say: ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him! Only the Gharqad tree will not say because it is the tree of Jews.”6
Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Doomsday will not strike unless the religious knowledge is taken away, earthquakes increase in number, time approaches and day and night become united, afflictions appear, killing increases, wealth becomes abundant like flood flows, people compete with one another in constructing high buildings. Doomsday will strike so suddenly that a man will have milked his she-camel and will have taken away the milk but he will not be able to drink it. A person will have raised a morsel (of food) to his mouth but Doomsday will strike so suddenly that he will not be able to eat it..”7
Hazrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Some of my people will alight on low-lying ground, which they will call al-Basrah, beside a river called the Tigris over which there is a bridge. Its people will be numerous and it will be one of the capital cities of Muslims. At the end of time, the descendants of Qantura' will come with broad faces and small eyes and alight on the bank of the river. The town's inhabitants will then separate into three sections:
“- one section will follow cattle and (live in) the desert and perish.
“- another section will seek security for themselves (and make peace with the descendants of Qantura'); thus, they become unbelievers.
“- and a third section will put their children behind their backs and fight the invaders, and they will be the martyrs.”8
The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) informed us in that hadith that when the end of time approached Muslims would
1- fall into weakness of belief,
2- neglect the duty of commanding what is right and forbidding what is evil,
3- be drifted into civil disorders and wars due to weakness of belief,
4- the evil and oppressing people would dominate over innocent people,
5- the evil people would cause intense disturbance in the world.
It is stated explicitly in hadtihs that Muslims and Jews will fight. It is possible to understand from the text of the hadiths that Muslims will not be the attacking party. Muslims will be right in their cause. Therefore, the public opinion of the world whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim will support Muslims. The talking of the stone and tree in the hadith is a metaphor for the common conscience, that is, the common voice of the people of the world.
Thus, the public opinion of the world will not approve of Jews. However, there will be a nation that will approve the aggression of Jews, that will support and protect them and that will fight for them. That nation was described as “gharqad tree” by our Prophet (pbuh), who sees the future clearly.
The Messenger of Allah informed miraculously that the cities of Basra and Baghdad, which had not been established at that time, would be established and that Muslim people would live there. As a matter of fact, Badiuzzaman also mentioned that hadith.9
As it is known, Baghdad was burnt and destroyed by Hulaghu in 656 H. Thus, the interpretation of the descendants of Qantura' turned out to be true. However, the fact that the USA and the UK, who are close friends with Jews, burnt and destroyed Baghdad again put the oppression of the descendants of Qantura' together with the metaphor of the Gharqad tree that supported Jews into agenda once again.
It is known very well how the mischief of Jews has turned the Middle East to hellfire today it is understood from hadiths that that war will continues a misfortune of the end of time until Jews are defeated. May Allah turn it to a good thing.
1- Tirmidhi, Fitan 9, (2171).
2- Tirmidhi, Fitan 27, 30, (2196);
3- See: Muslim, Fitan 18, (157); Tirmidhi, Fitan, 28
4- Muslim, Fitan, 80
5- Muslim, Fitan, 81
6- Muslim, Fitan, 82
7- Bukhari, 12/2123
8- Abu Dawud, Mahalim 10, 4306
9- Maktubat, p. 112
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Doomsday and Age of Dajjal 8 (Anti Christ)

Muslims believe in messengers of God and prophets. They believe that the final message to man was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. He is the last prophet sent by God. He is said to have foretold the following 72 signs that would appear nearing doomsday:
1. People will leave prayer.
2. People will usurp Amaanat.
3. Lying will become an art.
4. There will be murders on the slightest of disagreements.
5. Interest will become common.
6. There will be very tall buildings.
7. People will sell religion for the world.
8. People will treat relatives badly.
9. Justice will become a rarity.
10. Lies will be considered truth.
According to the Bible, there are twenty-one signs of Doomsday:
1. Israel, the fig tree, is budding and the generation that sees it shall not pass till all is fulfilled.
2. The son of perdition, the return of Jesus for his church, and rebuilding of the temple.
3. The red heifer.
4. Cohen and Levi.
5. The world awaits someone.
6. Transgressors are come to the full.
7. Neighbor oppressing neighbor.
8. Evil becomes good and good becomes evil.
9. As it was in the days of Noah.
10 Men shall be lovers of their own selves.
These signs were said to have been given in the historical books of the Hebrews, and depict the fifteen days before doom:
1. All the water from the earth, including the seas will rice up to the clouds, above the mountains, so that the cry of the seals, the yelling of the sea-monsters and the roar of the whales will be on the dry strands after the water leaves them.
2. The huge noise of the water falling down again the next day into their proper places will be heard, so that it goes deep into the earth; and nobody knows where.
3. All the water will freeze in its place and become hard, and armies will march on this.
4. The sea-animals of the earth will rise up into the clouds, and will cry and clamour continuously for fear of the Day of Doom. None other but God will understand what they are saying.
5. All the birds on the earth will move continuously, without resting, and without eating any food or drinking anything.
6. Great rivers, with fiery and rough waves, will flow out of the firmament from sunrise to sunset.
According to Kaala Jnaana written by the Hindu mystic, Veera Brahmam, Kali Yuga will last for 5000 years after Lord Krishna passes away, after which evil will spread throughout the world. Hindu legend states that at the end of kali yuga, Vishnu, the universal ruler will appear again under his form of the Kalki-avatara for doing away with the wicked and inaugurating a realm of righteousness and spirituality. This will be the Doomsday.
The signs of Doomsday are:
1. There will be a rain of fire. Following this a strange thing will happen. 20 feet tall humans will appear and claim to be Kalki. (this is in India).
2. A huge comet will be born in the south; several people will die due to this.
3. Mammary glands will be born to the males of Cow, Goat, etc. and people will get milk from them.
4. Tigers will disappear completely from the forests.
5. The Sun will appear like a green colored human being.
6. Moon will be seen on a new moon day.
7. Wealth will arrive from other countries to India and India will be very rich and powerful.
8. Stones will break and fly about like crows and eagles; Stone horses and chariots will start to run.
9. Blood and pus will flow out from stones.
10. It will rain blood.
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Doomsday and Age of Dajjal 7 (Anti Christ)

All praises is due to Allah. We praise Him, ask him, and seek his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from evils of ourselves and mischiefs of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, cannot be misguided. Peace and blessings be upon the Final Messenger MuhammedPeace and blessings be upon him, on his family and his noble companions , Ameen
Belief in Doomsday is one of the fundamentals and pillars of faith. It is the day when everyone is to get recompense and punishment for one's work and has to go to heaven or hell according to one's deeds. This is the reason each and every Prophet warned his people of the Day of Judgement.
As for the knowledge of the time of Qiyamah (End of the World) , it has not been given to any angel or Prophet. Nobody besides Allah knows when the final hour is.
The Quran states, O Prophet the infidels ask you about the time of Qiyamah. So tell them that it's knowledge is with Allah only. (Surah Luqman)
However certain events are going to take place prior to the coming of the final hour. These events are known as the Signs of Qiyamah. All the Prophets informed their people of the signs of the final hour. Our Prophet Muhammed Peace and blessings be upon him being the last and the seal of Prophets, knowing that Doomsday is to come upon this very ummah, explained clearly and in considerable detail the signs of the final hour to the extent that sometimes he Peace and blessings be upon him would lecture his companions all day on this subject.
Abu Zaid (R.A.)May Allah be pleased with him says, 'The Holy Prophet Peace and blessings be upon him sat down on the pulpit after Fajar Prayer and began a deliver a long sermon until the time for Zohr prayer came. After saying the Zohr prayer he Peace and blessings be upon him again sat on the pulpit and began the sermon, which continued till Asr prayer. After the Asr prayer he Peace and blessings be upon him resumed the sermon so much so that the sun set. he Peace and blessings be upon him related whatever happened in the past and also related in detail whatever is to happen in the future. Those amongst us who had good memories retained many things.' (Muslim)
The signs of the final hour can be divided into two groups.
1) Minor signs
Minor signs are events of normal nature prophesised by our Prophet Muhammed Peace and blessings be upon him to take place before Qiyamah like the consumption of alcohol, lifting of knowledge and prevalence of ignorance and immorality and signs of this nature. The majority of the minor signs have appeared while some are occurring and some will appear with major signs.
2) Major signs
Major signs ae events of extraordinary nature prophesied by our Prophet Peace and blessings be upon him to take place before Qiyamah like all the events mentioned in the following hadith narrated by Hudhaifa ibn Usayd that the Prophet Peace and blessings be upon him said, 'The last hour will not arrive till you have seen ten signs. He Peace and blessings be upon him then mentioned the Smoke, Dajjal, Beast, Rising of the Sun from the place of it's setting, the Descent of Isa, Ya'juj Ma'juj, Three Landslides, one in the East , one in the West and one in the Arabian Peninsula after that a Fire would spread from Yemen and drive the people to their place of gathering.' (Muslim)
This book written by the Ulama of the Institute is a concise summary of only the major events leading up to the Day of Judgement. Each of the following signs: Mahdi, Dajjal, Descension of Isa, Ya'juj Ma'juj, Landslides, Smoke, Rising of the Sun from the east, Beast and the Fire are explained in detail. The supporting evidences are written at the end of every section and have been taken from various authentic Hadith collections.
All Praises belong to Allah, Lord of all the world.
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Doomsday and Age of Dajjal 6 (Anti Christ)

I'm writing this document as a respond to requests from many Muslims and non-Muslims. I found many documents about this subject that contains a lot of false Hadeeths. This document is a result for a long research in evaluating every Hadeeth (true or false). Arabic version is also availavble.
The term "MAHDI" is a title meaning "The Guided one". Mahdi is a normal man who is going to follow the true Islam. His name will be Muhammad and his father name will be 'Abdullah. He is a descendant from Ali and Fatima (daughter of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)) so he will be descendant from al-Hasan or al-Husain. Mahdi will be very just and his capital will be Damascus. Allah told us that Jews will master the world two times (we live now 1998 during the first one) and Mahdi will appear between those two periods and will rule through the last one. Mahdi is NOT a prophet but he is the final Rightly Guided Khalifa. Mahdi will lead Muslims to a great victory against the Christian Romans (i.e. All the white Europeans including the Americans). This great war is called al-Malhamah al-Kubrah or Armageddon. It will end up with a great victory to Muslims against Romans after six years. Muslims will take over their capital Rome (this can be any city). In the seventh year, the Anticrist will apear and a greater war will start between Jews and Muslims for 40 days (longer that usual days) and will end when Jesus (pbuh) will come and Muslims will kill all Jews. All people will convert into Islam. Peace will pervade the whole world.
As Muslims, we should remember that the prophecy about Mahdi is one that will come to pass. This prophecy, however, does not absolve the Muslim Ummah from its duty to strive in the cause of Allah, oppose injustice, and seek peace and betterment of human condition. Centuries have passes from the time of the holy Prophet and there is a good possibility that many more will expire before the advent of the Mahdi. Muslims who are negligent in their duty hoping for a savior are committing a grave mistake and are not following the divine decrees ordained in Quran or taught by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
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Doomsday and Age of Dajjal 5 (Anti Christ)

Mahdiism, the Jews, and the Iranians
People were slowly assembling at Dr. Fahimi's residence. After the usual welcome and hospitality, the session began at eight o'clock. This time it was Engineer Madani who opened the discussion.
Engineer Madani: I remember reading a book some time ago in which the author's thesis was that Mahdiism and the divinely ordained messiah were ideas held by the Jews and pre-Islamic Iranians which spread among the Muslims. Iranians believed that a man named Saoshyant from the descendants of Zoroaster would one day appear and destroy Ahriman, the force of darkness, thereby clearing the earth from corruption. As for the Jews, because they had lost their homeland and had been enslaved by the Chaldeans and Assyrians, one of their prophets had predicted that a messiah would rise, deliver the Jews, and return them to their promised land in the future. Since the origins of the idea of the future savior and deliverer were found amongst the Iranians and the Jews, we may say that this notion came to Muslims through their channels and, hence, cannot be anything more than a legend.
Mr. Hoshyar: I agree that this notion was and is prevalent among other peoples and religious communities. However, its mere prevalence among other communities does not render it a legend! For Islamic notions and rulings to be authentic is it necessary that they ought to be in disagreement with the past religions? Any person wishing to investigate any topic without prejudicial understanding has to begin his research in the primary sources of the particular tradition that deals with the subject in order to assess its validity or lack thereof. It is not proper to begin this investigation in the sources of the traditions that existed before it and then claim that one has discovered the origins of that superstitious belief! Is it possible to say that since the ancient Iranians were believers in Yazdan, the God, and regarded honesty as part of good conduct, that therefore divine worship must be a legend and honesty cannot be part of good morals? Hence, just because other peoples are also awaiting the arrival of a deliverer and a messiah does not disprove the belief among Muslims; nor can it be used as a proof for the belief's veracity.
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The story of Talut (Saul) A King Chosen by Allah

Banu Isra'il were the ummah (nation) who Allah sent the most prophets to. As the prophets sent to Banu Isra'il were so numerous, we are not aware of the names and stories of each of them, besides those mentioned in the Quran and/or sunnah.
After entering the Holy Land Banu Isra'il settled there and their numbers multiplied, increasing the size of their ummah over time. The Quran mentions the story of one particular king appointed to Banu Isra'il in some detail.
Banu Isra'il told the prophet over them at the time to appoint them a king under whom they could unify and fight their enemies. Their prophet told them that Allah had chosen a man amongst them called Talut (Saul) to be their king. Despite themselves asking their prophet to appoint a king for them, Banu Isra'il refused to accept the decision when he did so. They considered Talut to be unworthy of leadership over them as he did not come from among the prestigious and wealthy families among them. Their prophet corrected their flawed thinking regarding the matter, explaining to them how Talut was suited to the position of kingship over them and that more importantly it was Allah's decision regarding the matter. The Quran says:

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Sahih Bukhari Complete in Urdu By Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari

Al-Bukhari traveled widely throughout the Abbasid empire from the age of 16, collecting those traditions he thought trustworthy. It is said that al-Bukhari collected over 300,000 hadith and included only 2,602 traditions in his Sahih. At the time when Bukhari saw [the earlier] works and conveyed them, he found them, in their presentation, combining between what would be considered sahih and hasan and that many of them included da’if hadith. This aroused his interest in compiling hadith whose authenticity was beyond doubt. What further strengthened his resolve was something his teacher, Ishaq ibn Ibrahim al-Hanthalee – better known as Ibn Rahoyah – had said. Muhammad ibn Ismaa’eel al-Bukhari said, “We were with Ishaq ibn Rahoyah who said, ‘If only you would compile a book of only authentic narrations of the Prophet.’ This suggestion remained in my heart so I began compiling the Sahih.” Bukhari also said, “I saw the Prophet in a dream and it was as if I was standing in front of him. In my hand was a fan with which I was protecting him. I asked some dream interpreters, who said to me, ‘You will protect him from lies.’ This is what compelled me to produce the Sahih.”
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Battle with Antichrist 1 (Marka E Dajjal Akbar 1) By Asrar Alm

Battle with Antichrist 1 (Marka E Dajjal Akbar 1)
By Asrar Alm
Urdu Book 
You will have heard much about DAJJAL - THE ANTI-CHRIST the Anti-Christ from the Christian and Jewish authorities. But what did The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say about DAJJAL (The greatest Fitnah (Evil, test)) that will ever befall mankind.
When shall DAJJAL appear? Most of the signs prevalent before the coming of DAJJAL can now be observed. One thing though is for certain, if you are fortunate enough not to witness the Anti-Christ, then your children certainly shall. Before the Anti-Christ shall appear we have been told there shall be a SYSTEM, a DAJJAL- system, that is up and running, that shall await his arrival. This DAJJAL-system, will be the most evil and most corrupt satanic, kaafir force in history.
This system shall promote mass immorality (Homosexuality, Adultery, Fornication), Atheism, Devil-worship, use of USURY, Intoxication, (Alcohol & Drug abuse), Crime, Injustice, Oppression, Fitnah of the Pen (Pornography magazines etc.), cause wars, Famine, Massacres, Rape and suffering on an immeasurable scale.

To Read Urdu Book on Google Books Please Click on This Link

You May Also Read This Book Directly Below  Here
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