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Feb 5, 2014

East, Wall, The Sun 7

East Wall Sun (Orient Wall Sun) Sharq Dewar Aftab is an Iranian Film about China in Urdu , now Watch 7th Episode with title "They Speak Our Language" (Wo Hamari Zuban Main Bat Krtey Hain), in this episode you will visit the Ancient Mosque of Beijing City, The Niujie Mosque , where you will meet with 2 Friends of Allah who served Islam before 700 years in China even now they also called Sheikh by Chinese in their language, Ali Bin Al Qazi Amad ud Din Bukhari and Muhammad Bin Ahmad Al Barkati Al Qazwini, were two Iranian Islamic Scholars, formers and Imams of the Niujie Mosque from the era of the Yuan dynasty سلسله یوآن.You may visit Shanghai International Studies University, where you will see many teachers and students learning in Faculty of Eastern Languages, you will also meet with Rasooli , a Professor of Persian Language in Shanghai University appointed  from Martyred Bahishti University of Iran. Iranian Traveler went to Big Cities of China after reading History to reveal many secrets of many ancient buildings and palaces for generations of future to learn and educate who remain alive in History.
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