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Mar 5, 2014

Besharat E Munji 6 (Prophet Issa A.S) Urdu Serial

Watch sixth Episode of Great Islamic Historical TV Serial Beshart e Monji about Life of Prophet Jesus (Issa or Essa) a.s, in this episode Jesus a.s told his followers about Satan that how he got grade of angels while he was a Jinn, he was so clever and wicked, when Allah desired to create Adam a.s, Satan understood that Allah will order to all Jinns and Angels to bow down before Adam a.s who was father of humans a new creature of Almighty Allah. Satan and his friends seduce many angels and Jinns to deny order of Allah. So Satan and his friends denied to bow down before Adam,.......... Jesus a.s also went to every where , before Jesus a.s returned back to Galilee,  Jesus a.s went to territory of Samaria , and So he came to a town in Samaria called Sychar there Jesus sat down by a well and after a while a Samaritan woman came there to draw water and Jesus said to her, " will you give me a drink?" (disciples of Jesus had gone to town to buy food), Samaritan woman said to Jesus," you are a Jew but I am a Samaritan, how can ask me for a drink because Jews do not associate with Samaritans. Jesus told her that I am Prophet and savior for Israel and there will be a Prophet who will be savior for all mankind in all over the world. (Earth or Universe).  There are two concepts in Christianity that according to Gospel of Matthew Jesus a.s prevent Jews not to enter cities of Samaritans while Luke and John have favorable concept about Samaritans. The Jews and Samaritan hostile although they shared many beliefs even they share Pentateuch but Jews give importance to Temple of Solomon (Now Zionists think about mount Zion)  but Samaritans Pentateuch locates the the mount of Gerizim , both bow down before Allah and think only one community among both of them will get blessings of Allah. Then Samaritan lady admitted they also waiting for savior who will shower his Intercession to all creatures. At end of this episode you will see how Jesus a.s taught his followers and answered their questions, when a apostle (called Jacob)  of Jesus a.s asked about a quote of book of Prophet Esaias (Isaiah) a.s, that text display word as father of us. Jesus a.s replied dear its no necessary to avert the words and do not always derive meanings of words as common language , so Allah has no sons and Allah is not father of any one. He is only creator of all. Watch in this episode how wife of Roman General called Roman girl who was healed up by Jesus a.s. Watch to learn about History of Islam and Koran.      

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