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Feb 16, 2014

East, Wall, The Sun 9

Watc 9th Episode of East, Wall, The Sun (Sharq Dewar Aftab) شرق دیوارآفتاب, this episode has title as The Silk Road & Silk Cultures شاہراہ ریشم اور ریشمی ثقافتیں, this is Iranian Documentary film in Farsi Dubbed into Urdu, exploring China, its history, and its future to us. In this Episode you will watch and visit Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, Culture is not the pride of past and desire of future, Confucius was ugly but passed pleasant life, he gave new thought to Chinese, You will also visit Shanghai National Museum, Camera man will guide you to Chinese Province Yunnan's City Dali (for Bai) where you may visit Buddha Caves, Buddhist. He will also go to China's international Park in Beijing, where traveler, once he went there. Confucius advised to king to maintain rule and justice among people, so if a father has its own status, son has its own and minister has its own status than they all be same as you wish. Than there will peace and love in country and world, a king will never be killed by a son or a son never will be killed by a king. Sheikh Sadi went to China even 700 years ago, this story is abstracted from his travelogue with new steps.

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