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Feb 26, 2014

East, Wall, The Sun 12

Development is Terrible without Compatibility ,,,,, it is 12 episode of Shargh , Dewaar , Aaftaab. East , Wall , the Sun is an Iranian documentary film about China's biggest Muslims Province Sinkiang and many other cities of China.  In this episode the commentator will lead you to  Modern Technology  Museum of Shanghai (China) , where a Robot will be watched playing Piano , They generate and made many Robots for welfare use by Humans but then they afraid of that they will lose this power control and option from their hand, but who see and examined their Robots , admire their Robots. The things that are necessary for development can be calculated on finger tips as Economics, Politics and Knowledge, China also started from Politics and Economics because they have knowledge so now they are developing their culture. We can say that Politics and Economics are directly relating with Culture. They made many Mechanical Arms to work , these Arms are for other nations in the world as they have a large number of laborious people that they can work at minimum wages.  You will also visit Shanghai Stock Exchange and Development Plans followed by Chinese Nation to develop and become a Super Power.

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