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Jan 9, 2015

Hierarch of Siam 6 End (Islam in Thailand)

Sheikh Ahmed Qomi was very successful in Siam and became famous among Court of King, and Govt of King created a new designation known as Sheikh al Islam in Siam who was representative of Muslims in Siam and Muslims have now an important roll in society of Siam. When Siam was ruined by army of Burma then Muslims (Sunni and Shiites) escaped from Ayothaya city to Bangkok where they established their society again and both developed themselves in front of two localities. 
It is also tragedy that due to some political benefits family of Sheikh Ahmed Qomi divided into two branches one was known as Muslims but other one disguised them as Buddhist. They were Muslims but in court of king and in society they had their own recognition as Buddhists. However it was not known by any one that this voyage of Sheikh Ahmed Qomi from Persia to Siam in 16th century will be cause of introduction of Shiite in Siam. And now a days in Thailand a large number Shiites and Sunni are living as being brothers.     

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