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Dec 26, 2014

Hierarch of Siam 2 (Islam in Thailand)

Now second part of documentary about promotion of Shiites in Thailand. Sheikh Ahmed Qomi went to Siam in 1602, for trade and when he reached there they find Siam suitable for living there, he selected a place in Ayutthaya for his family and started a trade of goods from Siam to Iran and from Iran to Siam. In few days he earned money and then with that money he bought a home and constructed a it with bricks. The name of this place is spelled as"تکیہ" (Takia) and it is clear that this word is derivative from Persian word which is meant for mourning of Hussein a.s, the people of Thailand belongs to Naqashbandi and Qadri Sufi spiritual order, these Sufi orders were introduced in Thailand by Sufi Personalities of Subcontinent India. Sheikh Ahmed Qomi belonged to Great Iranian Civilization and it was because of Sheikh was representing Iranian Civilization in Thailand, so he gave all experiences and techniques to Thailand for construction of bridges and Canals for supply of water to cities and in construction we can see now also Iranian Style of Construction. Due to these experiences Thai Kings liked much Sheikh and Sheikh took advantage to explore Islam and Shiites Sect in Thailand. Sheikh strengthened the Muslims in Siam (Thailand).  

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