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Dec 3, 2014

Aik Din Ka Badshah

Aik Din Ka Bashah is a book of stories selected from Tales of Arabian Nights (Alif Laila Ki Dastanain). We people of east can proud to be owner of orient civilization. There is an interested story behind these stories i.e. there was a king in Sasan who daily married a young girl and after first night he killed that girl. By this routine many people of city migrated from city Sasan to another with their family. There was, now, no girl remained to marry with the king. Minister of the king was much worried and was searching for a girl for king and failed, at last when he entered his own home and after seeing him worry her daughter asked the cause of tension and after listening all she said her father that she was agree to marry with the king. At last she go married with king and started to tell story each night to king so he never killed her wife because of these stories and she told him these stories for 1001 nights so these all stories called Arabian Nights Tales. Here in the following book many stories are selected for kids by Athar Parwez.

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