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Oct 12, 2014

Ibn e Safi

 Read Imran Series and Jasusi Duniya by Ibn e Safiابن صفی کے قلمی شاہکار۔۔ عمران سیریز اور جاسوسی دنیا پڑھیں
Ibne Safi wrote impeccable, accurate, authentic, modern, industrial-age Urdu proving that it can be done while following all the rules of the language. He standardized Urdu to a level that excerpts from his works could be considered as a template to teach Urdu prose-writing at the universities.
Ibn e Safi was the Pen Name of Asrar Ahmed best selling fiction, Action, Spy, Suspense and Thrill Writer from Pakistan, was born on 26th July of 1928 in Allahabad, Utter Pradesh of British India. He started to write stories from 1940 in British Sub Continent and after 1947 in Pakistan.He wrote 120 books on Imran Series and 125 books on Jasusi Dniya (Spy World), with a small canon of satirical works and poetry. His novels were characterised by a blend of mystery, adventure, suspense, violence, romance and comedy, achieving massive popularity across a broad readership in South Asia. He received his degree for B.A in Agra university, and in 1948 he started his job at Nikhat Publications in poetry department. As we stated above he started his work back in 1940 in India and after independence , he started to write novels while he was a secondary school teacher as well as he continued his part time study. He migrated from India to Pakistan in 1952 in Karachi, Sindh and started his own company " Israr Publications".
His lead characters, Col. Ahmad Kamal Fareedi and Ali Imran, M.Sc, P.H.D., Oxon, were scholarly, celibate and sober. Endowed with exceptional physical strength, quick reflexes and great survival skills, they were master spies, brilliant detectives and top-of-the-line law-enforcement officers. They were of immaculate character, utterly incorruptible. Col. Fareedi and Ali Imran, both were fabulously rich with inherited or earned wealth, as well. Ibne Safi knew how to back up the credibility of his characters. 
In 1953, he married Umm e Salma Khatoon, in between of 1960,63 he suffered from several episodes of depression but he recovered and came back with best selling Imran Series one and half amused (Derrh Matwaley). After his recovery from depression he wrote 79 Imran Series and 36 Novels of Jasusi Duniya.
He died on 26 July 1980, he left four sons and three daughters. All sons and daughters were from his first marriage held in Rawalpindi. Later he also married a young lady named Farhat Ara lived in North Nazim Abad, Karachi.
There was a curious paradox in the life of Ibne Safi, pseudonym of Allahabad-born writer Asrar Ahmed, who migrated to Pakistan from India after partition. Safi, who apparently made a club of Indian fans, before he crossed the border, wrote Urdu commercial fiction set around the world, on themes like romance, mystery and suspense. But till he died in 1980, he never stepped out of Pakistan.
Read Imran Series and Jasusi Duniya by Ibn e Safiابن صفی کے قلمی شاہکار۔۔ عمران سیریز اور جاسوسی دنیا پڑھیں 

 Read Imran Series and Jasusi Duniya by Ibn e Safiابن صفی کے قلمی شاہکار۔۔ عمران سیریز اور جاسوسی دنیا پڑھیں
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