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Oct 28, 2014

Hikayat Magazine October 2014

Hakyat Udru Digest for October 2014, read following stories and topics in this edition: Hath Aa Jaye Mujhy Mera Muqam Saqi by Anayet Allah, Maholiyati Hathiyar by Afzaal Mazhar Anjum, Sazshi Theory aur Aalm e Islam by M Afzal Rehmani, Mughlani Begum episode 2 by Rafiq Dogar, Ajar Allah Dey Ga Rizwan Qyum, Dastaan aik Aamil Ki by M Afzal Rehmani, Aur Marshal Law Nagzir Ho Gya by Sikandar Khan Baloch, Dar e Zindaan by Razaq Shahid Kohlar, Dhoop Key Pighlney Tak by Amjad Javed, Palorecy Dr.Rana Iqbal Talafi by Razaq Shahid Kohlar, Ghareeb Ki Bahu by M Nazir Malik, Mushtarka Bivi by Dastgeer Shehzad, Us Key Baad by Asim Khawaja, Thandda Pani by Rehma Shahid, Mara Diyar e Ghair Main by Dr. Mubashar Hasan Malik, Sari Nagar Hum Sey Juda Ho Gya by Mohsin Munir, Dhuwan by Shazia Mohsin, Lawaris by Nazia Liaqat, Poori Ghar Wali by Khadim Hussein Mujahid, Nafeez o Faraz by Hafeez Basheer, Ghazal by Naseem Sakeena Sadaf, Kaash Mera Aik Aisa Leader Hota by Farhat Ibrahim, and many more!

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