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Apr 24, 2014

Wild Life in Iran 7 (Urdu Documentary)

Now 8th Episode of Iranian Wild Life is online, in this video team of recording will go to Iranian National Park and Secured Area of Karkheh. Its area of Jungle and river known as Karkheh river flowing around it which is main cause for life of all livings of this jungle. This area is located in Khuzastan. When Camera man with all his team went around the Karkheh jungle, he saw many kids and buffalo were bathing in river. Camera man recorded these scenes too. These buffalo are part of human civilization while these buffalo are savage but now buffalo adjusted themselves with humans and serving humans since many years in Iran, Pakistan, Egypt and many other world. Many people of this area are from ancient Babylonian and Sumerian people. Usually they sail their boats in river water for fishing.There also another river flowing in this area known as Dez river where a dam was also constructed in 1963 by an Italian consortium.This dam is on Dez river in northwest of Khuzastan province very near to another city Dezful. This dam has 203 meter height ,is the world highest Dam. It was the biggest development project of Iran in time of its construction.

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