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Apr 22, 2014

Wild Life in Iran 6 (Urdu Documentary)

6Th Episode of Wild Life in Iran now available here, in this episode team of recording will go to The Karkheh or Karkhen which is also called Gihon which is river and also mentioned in Bible, the Book of Daniel.This river is located in Khuzestan Iran, this river rises from Zagros mountains and passes west of Shush (also called Susa), this area is now protected by Iranian govt to save the livings of this Jungle. Eventually this river falls in Tigris just below the confluence with River Euphrates very close to Iran-Iraq border.Ancient names for the Karkheh should be treated as conjectural.The problem with the ancient names is that while the Karheh flows a mile or two west of Susa, another major watercourse flows parallel to the Karkheh within a few miles east of Susa. When these rivers are in flood stage, the entire area south of Susa can be flooded, as the waters of the two watercourses mingle. The watercourse a mile or two east of Susa, now called the Shaur, flows east between the Haft Tepe and Shaur ridges into the Dez River, north of where the Dez and Karun rivers merge. At some previous time, the Karkheh may have joined the eastern end of the Shaur. The timing of these changes is not known with any certainty.This area was ruined by humans before 3000 years. Another important place in this Jungle is ancient building was built in the ancient Mesopotamian valley and western Iranian plateau, having the form of a terraced step pyramid of successively receding stories or levels.This is an ancient Elamite complex also known as Chogha Zanbil. In month of July video recording team went to this jungle to record life of all livings of this jungle, there are a lot of wild animals in this jungle.
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