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Apr 19, 2014

Wild Life in Iran 3 (Urdu Documentary)

Desert always does not remain dry and dead always but rain alive the soil of desert again and many wild animals and birds of desert are symbols of desert and its life.In 3rd Episode of Wild Life in Iran, cameraman will lead you to a desert known as Khar Turan National Park in Iran, located in Semnan Province in
Southeast of Shahrud city. Its size is 1.4 million Hector and second largest reserve in Iran. Khar Turan is home of Asian Cheetah also called Iranian Cheetah. There are about 12-15 of these charismatic cats in the National Park area. Occasional reports of females with cubs indicate a breeding and perhaps growing population. In addition, Khar Turan has the largest population of Persian onager and two species of gazelles, the goitered gazelle and the Indian gazelle, both in good numbers. There are also wild sheep and wild goats in the reserve. Camera man specially took shots of Brown and golden crow who always run on the surface of hot desert even it was difficult to take clear images of this bird. Cameraman clarified that we can never say that deserts are houses of death but in hot and warm season many livings on earth remain alive in deserts and get food from different sources. Even desert of Khar Turan National Park will  remain alive till end of time.

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