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Apr 18, 2014

Wild Life in Iran 2 (Urdu Documentary)

In 2nd Episode, Cold season is recorded where with first day of autumn in North of Iran many birds of season migrate to other where. Snow falls every where. Camera man went to Dizin is largest play ground for Ski in Iran, located 100 Km away from Tehran city in Alborz mountain range. Photographer took shots of people who were enjoying Ski in the said ground of ice and snow. Alborz and other mountains were covered with snow and no any living beings can be viewed even you search them. But few birds are facing this cold and snow, a kind of crow colored black flies in the sky at height of 4000 Km. The crow and many people enjoy this season and go to Dizin Ski ground for entertainment. Then film maker will lead you to other place important for wild life , the name of place is Fereydunkenar, where temperature remains usually 0 Degree centigrade. This area of land is popular for birds who migrate from other world to there. In fact the land is used for cultivation of rice.There are many birds like ducks, Siberian Crane and many others. This is non shooting place locally used for rice and is called Duck Trapping Area (Persian : Damgah).Each damgah is comprised of a complex of shallow freshwater impoundments situated in harvested rice paddies. The damgah or Duck Hunting Areas are developed as duck-hunting areas, surrounded by forest strips and reed enclosures. After recording of these birds cameraman went to Golestan National park is biggest park of Iran spans in three provinces of Iran i.e. Golestan, Mazandran and North Khorasan. In this park 8 rivers are flowing. Here in this park 69 animals of different kinds are living as well as goats and sheep also living here. Cameraman , in 7 days, completed photography in this park.

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