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Mar 16, 2014

Besharat E Munji 16 (Prophet Issa A.S) Urdu Serial

Then Jesus a.s left after the Jews tried stoning him, Jesus a.s went to house of Nicodemus ;beyond the brook Cedron, Jesus a.s was saying now the moment is near when I shall depart this world, do not be sad, On other hand Joseph Caiaphas and senior priests of Jews went to king where they called Roman General and demanded him to arrest Jesus a.s, but he denied as he was thinking it is not good to arrest a innocent person but Jews and king informed Roman general (Pilate)  that Caesar was hanged and now new Caesar is ruler of Great Rome, so new Roman ruler will never support you as you were the friend of ex. Caesar. Jews also argued that the holy temple was polluted due to Jesus a.s and many Jews were killed during the riots in temple. So after listening this Roman General Pilate also started to search Jesus a.s with helping of Jews. Zealots also were against and enemies of Jesus a.s , so they also hired Judas Iscariot and gave him 30 Roman gold coins to help Romans and Jews to trap Jesus a.s. Remember this, Romans were never desired to arrest or martyr Jesus a.s as they did same with John Prophet and they lost control over Jerusalem, so they denied always to arrest Jesus a.s, Romans also mentioned to Jews and temple that the matter of Jesus a.s is their own religious matter and its better to leave it. From this episode The Director of Serial filmed the end of Life of Jesus in two parts i.e. 1. First he recorded the life of Jesus a.s according to Synoptic and famous Gospels in Christianity. 2. Then Serial Director recorded scenes of life of Jesus a.s according to Koran, Hadiths and Islamic History. According to Gospels Jesus was at beyond the brook Cedron and Nicodemus sent a lamb secretly sent to Jesus and all his disciples. 'Let us eat,' said Jesus, 'for I have greatly desired to eat this lamb before I am parted from you.' And having arisen, he took a towel and girded his loins, and having put water in a basin, he set himself to wash his disciples' feet. Jesus retired into the garden to pray. Roman soldiers came there and arrested him. You may read Gospel of Barnabas in Urdu Here

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