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Jan 18, 2014

East, Wall, The Sun 1

Iranian documentary film "East Wall, the sun" in China
This is a documantry made by Ramin Heidari for the Department of Culture and Islamic for Farsi television network, Ramen Farooqi with the team of East Wall , The Sun ( Mashriq Deewar ,Aaftab) went to China and in Ninety Days of Recording for this Film , they recorded film in cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yunnan, Kashgar to show and measure and comparing of Chinese Society with Past and Future in with Present Time. They Recorded even the Development Philosophy of China , what they are thinking about World how they developed their economics and how they managing their schools, Colleges and Universities.
They also wnet to grave of Syed Ajal Shamas ud Din Muhammad who was an Iranian and migrated to China and due to his preachings in China, Islam was explored in China as man Chinese embraced Islam.
This is First Episode is "Culture..... has significance like it" , This is about Culture ..... Every one wishes to get informed about everything around ones , we wish to know what will happened after this time and what is hidden behind the day after tomorrow. Past and Present are linked with our future.  Xinjiang is a city of China has great history belongs to Islam and was very close to Iran in Arabic, Persian or Urdu we can call it Khutan ختن, it also called Great China, here in this film you will also see how Chinese started to make paper to write and now a days Chinese people know how to make papers to write their present and past for generations of future. In This film you will see the reflections of Islam and Persia in China. Silk Road is a link between Islamic world and China or Eastern World, The Ancient Rout of Silk Road will be described by Commentator of this film in this first episode.

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