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Dec 3, 2013

Hujr Ibn Adi al Kindi 12 End (Urdu Serial)

Now this serial goes to end (Hujr Ibn Adi al Kindi 12 End (Urdu Serial), in last episode we saw Ziyad sent accused persons i.e. Hujr bin Oday r.a and his companions to Muawiya r.a. in Damascus. They were on the way to Damascus while they received a letter from Muawiya r.a , a condition placed if Hujr and his companions curse Ali r.a, they would be pardoned. Hazrat Hujr and his companions refused to do so and Hujr said I will do nothing or say any thing which displease Allah. Finally Hujar bin Oday , his son and seven other companions were martyred but Abdul Rehman bin Hasan was sent back to Kufa with written instructions to murder him with possible worst manners......... Ziyad buried Abdul Rehman bin Hasan alive by following the instructions written by Muawiya r.a, Hazrat Hujar bin Oday wished in his last moments " do not remove change my cloths and do not untie my arms , I will meet Muawiya before Allah in same condition as at time of martyrdom.

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  1. great serial, dubbing is too good.. thanks to add it


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