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Nov 17, 2013

Lost Innocence 17 (Masoomiyat az Dast Rafte) Urdu Serial

Now Lost Innocence 17 (Masoomiyat az Dast Rafte) Urdu Serial is online here! story is now at end. As we watched in last episode Zaid who was real son of Showzb felt in love with a girl named Rubab who was also real daughter of Showzb from Humera a Jew girl. Hajar who brought Zaid up hide this secret from Zaid and try to convert mind of Zaid to other girls of Kufa for marriage but he was still asking about her. Even he and his friends manage a plan to attack at Showzb's home and after killing him, Zaid will get marry with Rubab ..... after leaving Kufa. but Hajar told him that Showzb was his real father and Maria Nazareth was his mother and all story about them. Zaid was shocked to know about his love with her sister from father. He , next day went to Showzb's home and told Rubab that he was in greed of gold coins of Showzb so he was not able to marry with her. Showzb asked her wife Humera how she played , drama, now again that Zaid withdrew from Rubab, and now her daughter decided to obey her mother ............ to marry with son of Hajjaj bin Yousef................ Watch next episode,too, to know about what happened with Zaid,,, Rubab,,, did Rubab knew real story behind Zaid 's denial to marry with Rubab? 

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