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Nov 28, 2013

Hujr Ibn Adi al Kindi 4 (Urdu Serial)

You will have been heard about Busar bin Irtat who was so called a follower Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the writer of a history book, Istiyab , says that , Busar was a bad person and was sent to Yemen by Muawiya r.a where he killed two innocent and young children of Ubaidullah bin Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib infron of their mother who , after seeing this scene with her own eyes , became mentally absent and used to walking in streets and shouted for her children................... when every person who is interested in history read these lines , once he stops reading and start to think about those persons who had no heart and had no any value ,,,, but coins and wealth was had much value before them, we also know that to kill a Muslim who states about oneness of Almighty Allah, Prophet hood of Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH , is a clearly violations according to Holy Quran, Now Watch 4th episode of this serial about Follower of Muhammad PBUH, and companion of Ali a.s, you may read Urdu Books on many Topics too by clicking Here

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