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Nov 27, 2013

Hujr Ibn Adi al Kindi 3 (Urdu Serial)

After Tahkeem incident , Hazrat Ali came back to Kufa during this on 19th day of Ramdhan in 40 Hijri , Hazrat came to Mosque of Kufa for Fajar prayer and became busy in congregation and Ibn Muljim stood behind Imam Ali for prayer and when Imam was in a state of prostration Ibn Muljim dealt stroke with his sword on head of Imam Ali a.s, and Imam said By the Lord of Kaba , I am successful, /...........
Hazrat Hasan a.s was chosen as Caliph of Muslims he also occupied the outward function of caliph for about six months, during which time he administered the affairs of the Muslims.He was forced for peace and to yield the caliphate to Hazrat Muawiya R.A, he sent an letter to Hazrat Hasan a.s to fill a paper with the conditions i.e. no action will be taken against Followers of Ali a.s and they will granted with much honor and respect, so Hazrat Hsan a.s passed 10 years with these conditions and went back to Madenah , where he (pbuh) was poisoned and martyred by his own household and history tells us than this assassination of Imam was by the motivations of Muawiya r.a, Now watch the third episode of serial about life of Hazrat Hujar son of Adee from tribe of Kindi,   

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