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Oct 23, 2013

Malfoozat E Shaykh Muhammad Ilyas

Malfoozat-e-Shaykh Muhammad Ilyas Kandhelvi.aByShaykhMuhammadManzoorNomanir.a
Every Muslim in India knows Maulana Iliyas Kandhalvi R.A, writer of this book, originally we should say him compiler of this book, told his story that he knew Maulana Iliyas but he could not put more attention to him as he had many questions about Sufism in his mind and once he went to his friend who was an old aged Muslims , there he started to learn him but his aged friend kindly tried to attract his attention and answered all his questions about Sufism, after this he told him about Maulana Iliyas and also directed him to attend and meet him, so writer of this book went to Maulana Iliyas and found him much sick , on demand of Maulana he promised to support movement of preachings of Islam , once they all together went to journey and during this he listened many worthy words from Maulana Iliyas and noted in his notebook and published in Al Furqan with permission of Maulana , so here the following book contains two different editions of Enclosures Maulana Iliyas, Please read and follow
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