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May 1, 2013

Escape From Kufa (Shadow Upon the Sun)

(سايه بر خورشيد) A film depicting 3 women of conviction, ready to answer the call of Hussain (a.s.), but are disheartened with the erratic people of Kufa.
Three women are trying to rescue his wife Hania an idea that gallows on their heads.
Director: Mohammad Taghi Ansari
Producer: Master Hossein Shirazi
Screenwriter: Mohammad Taghi Ansari
Cast: J. Farmer - Afrndnya K. - H. luggage - SJ Mazaheri - R. beings - free math
Running time: 90 minutes
Sound: M. Justice
Sound: Saman Majd desertion
Costume Designer: Mohammad Taghi Ansari
Face processing: Samin seeker
Cinematographer: Hamid Rahim Zadeh
Editor: H. Lavvaf
Music: Muhammad Ali

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