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Mar 21, 2012

The Story Of Ashura 8 Urdu (Events of Karbala)

At another place, he observed:
“You witness the existing state of affairs. The world has changed its colors. It is completely devoid of virtue. Only the sediment is left. Alas! Don’t you see that truth has been relegated to background. Falsehood is deliberately being acted upon. There is none who could prevent the wrong-doing. It is high time a believer should try to defend the truth for the sake of Allah. I wish to die a martyr’s death. It is an offense in itself to live with oppressors.”
Listening to this address, one named Zaheer bin al-Yaqin al-Jali from amongst the audience stood up as spoke as under:
“Ya Grandson of the Holy Nabi! May Allah be with you. We have listened to your discourse. By Allah! If the world were eternal and we were to live therein forever, even then we are prepared to give up our life for extending assistance to you. We should like to die with you rather than to lead an eternal life.”
In the course of the journey, Hur had been repeatedly threatening Imam Husain (radiyallahu ‘anh) that if he waged war, he would surely be killed. Once roused to indignation, Sayyidina Husain (radiyallahu ‘anh) replied: “Do you frighten me with death? Has cruelty gone to that extreme that you people intend to kill me? I am at a loss to understand in what terms I shall replay to you. I want to repeat the same words uttered by one of the Companions of the Nabi (Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam) while proceeding on Jihad in reply to a threat by his brother:
‘I am proceeding. Death does not mean humiliation for a brave person when his intention is genuine and he performs Jihad in the Cause of al-Islam.’”
At a place known as ‘Azib-ul-Hijanat, four horsemen were seen coming from Kufa by Tarmah bin ‘Adi who was reciting the following verses:
“O my she-camel don’t be afraid of my scolding move forward with courage, before the dawn. Carry the pious travelers and go forth for the best voyage until the pious person may meet you. He is honorable, free, and warm-hearted; Allah has brought him for the performance of best deed. May Allah save him forever.”
On listening to these verses, Imam Husain (radiyallahu ‘anh) spoke: “By Allah! I believe Allah will favor us; may I be killed or be a conqueror.” Hur bin Yazid told Hazrat Imam Husain (radiyallahu ‘anh), “these people are from Kufa and they are not your companions, I shall stop them or I shall ask them to go back.” Hazrat Imam Husain (radiyallahu ‘anh) reminded him of his promise, “You have already committed yourself to me that you will not fight against me till a reply is received from Ibn Ziyad. Moreover though these people have not come with me yet they are my companions. If you showed any sort of atrocity towards them I shall fight against you.” This made Hur calm and quiet.
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