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Mar 18, 2012

Hadith series Urdu Hadees 17

The Holy Prophet s.a.w. said in another Hadith:
A time will come upon the people when there will be a great deal of a (confusion/disturbance). on being asked about he s.a.w. answered: It is killing and robbing, i.e., in those days these crimes will increase by leaps and bounds and human life will become meaner than that of mosquitoes and flies.
The Holy Prophet s.a.w. has said in another Hadith:
A time will come upon the people in which the killer will not know why he killed the victim nor will the victim killed know why he was killed.
Look at the conditions obtaining today in the society which fully confirms the truth of the Holy Prophet's s.a.w. prediction. This is as if the Holy Prophet s.a.w. was seeing these conditions with his own eyes.
In the olden days it was not known who was the killer, but it could be known why the victim was killed, i.e., he was killed by robbers for robbing the victim of his money? or by enemies. Anyway, the cause of the murder became known. What is happening now-a-days? A man is sitting or standing in front of his door, he has no enemies, he is not involved in politics yet some hooligan shoots at him and kills him without any apparent cause. The Holy Prophet s.a.w. has predicted all these events in clear words:
A Hadith about the Holy City of Makkah
It is narrated by Sayyidn'a Abdullah bin Umar that the Holy Propeht s.a.w. said:
Until recently the people were not able to understand the real meaning of this Hadith, but now the meaning has become quite clear to them. The hadith may be translated as under:
When the belly of Makkah will be cleft open and through it will be dug out river-like passage (i.e. tunnels) and the buildings of the Holy City of Makkah will rise higher than its mountains when you observe these signs, then understand that the time of ? (Trial) is near at hand.

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