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Jan 8, 2015

Lawatat aur Deobandiat

Lawatat (Launday Bazi) aur Debandiat is a short Urdu book by Idara Ghausia Rizwiya Karam Park Shamali Lahore. In fact this is a short reply/answer of Pamphlet by Molvi Abdul Rehman namely Makrooh Surtain. This subject is not supported by this site and never ever support any pornography here but due to an evil which is being increasing in our society and daily we receive many news about such homosexuality and gay sex in, recently we heard a news from Pakistan in a city where a 6 year young kid was murdered by a Maulavi after having anal sex with him and then after he hanged the kid, which was found in such hanging position by parents and other locality. This is why? usually we found such news amongst Maulavis so it is due to less knowledge and misusing and misguiding of students & boys by Maulavis so it's duty & responsibility of parents and other members of family to take care of youths and than also note the all activities of youths if they are found in hesitation by facing any body of our society than deeply look into matter and ask them about their hesitation. Do not allow them to maintain relations with very elders who are not close relatives and never allow them to make relations with very younger boys, do not allow them to wander in streets in late night and do not allow them to watch porn TV videos and films, never allow them to surf internet alone and always aware them that their parents have one eye on them. This short book will also help you.  

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