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Dec 21, 2014

Bisharat E Maseeh (Gift for Christians)

Basharat E Masih a.s, is a short Urdu book by Umair Mehmood Sadiqi. Prophet Ibrahim a.s had two sons, Isac and Ismail and in progeny of Isac there were a lot of Prophets were sent in Israel Family. After death of Prophet Imran (as Prophecy of Prophet Imran and Zacharia) Allah sent a Christ (Maseeh) in Jews, name of Christ was Jesus a.s (Issa a.s) and his mother's name was Mary a.s, and Mary was virgin while with the blessings of Allah and as a miracle of Allah Mary gave birth Jesus while she was virgin and she had no husband and she was never a prostitute. It was another miracle of Prophet Jesus that when Jews blamed Saint Mary  about her son, at that time Jesus testified that he is servant of One Allah and his mother is pious, I am Prophet of Allah and Christ and a book also been given to me and I am ordered to respect and to pay honor my mother and serve her and do not be sinful. Jews tried hard to murder Jesus but failed and Allah raised Jesus to sky and saved him from Jews. Now according to Islam and Christianity it is confirmed that Jesus (Christ or Maseeh) will come again (Second Coming) and will kill Antichrist and also follow the Sharia of Muhammad PBUH and will marry and die normally and will be burred in Madina near grave of Muhammad PBUH. I here above quote the short details of Jesus while to read in detail read following book.

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