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Apr 1, 2014

Burial Site of Sons of Musa Kazim

Building known as Shah Cheragh has an importance in pilgrimage by Muslims, located in Shiraz , Iran. This building is housing by two tombs of Ahmad and Muhammad who are sons of Imam Musa Al Kazim and brothers of Imam al Reza a.s, both, Ahmad and Muhammad, took refuge to the city Sheraz during Abbasid persecution of Shiites. The word Shah Cheragh is a combination of two Persian words and the meaning of it is King of Light, this tomb became popular when a queen the Lady Tashi ordered to erect a theological school and mosque there. The person who discovered this place was Ayatullah Dastghā'ib (the great grandfather of the contemporary Ayatullah Dastghā'ib), he saw a light on that place from a distance and decided to investigate, he saw this light was emitted by a grave so when that emitted grave was excavated then a body wearing armor was discovered with a ring in his finger written on that ring as "The Pride belongs to God, Ahmad son of Musa". Thus it became known that this was the burial site of the sons of Musa Kazim.

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