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Mar 14, 2014

Besharat E Munji 14 (Prophet Issa A.S) Urdu Serial

In Previous Part we watched that Jews were much worry about Jesus a.s as Jesus a.s was preaching real beliefs of Moses Law but Jews were trying to hide all blessings of Allah from others. So They again planned to kill Jesus a.s and also planned to kill Lazarus who was arisen by prayer of Jesus a.s, so Jews called a man known as Soul who was a student of Jews and was working for Jews as secret agent in other groups which were against and enemies of Jews. Now, in this part Soul came to Jews and took direction to complete his new missions.  In this part Jude ( also variously called Jude of James, Jude Thaddaeus, Judas Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus) who shown as fallen in love with Mary Magdalene went to her and proposed her to be get married but she refused and denied and also explained she always think about him as a brother and she had a mission to love with humanity, love for peace, help and serve people as Jesus had same  mission. (I searched every where about love of Jude and Mary Magdalene but failed to find any line, para or text about this in any history book, I dont know how director find story, if you read any where please write its reference). Then Jesus a.s called his all twelve disciples and gave them permission to heal up all people who were suffering from sickness and diseases. The purpose of Jesus a.s was only that he is not a Son of God or a God but only a man and servant of Allah who can do nothing without divine help of Allah. If divine help of Allah is with others then they can too do same miracles and can heal up people who are suffering from sickness and diseases. So all went to all towns and villages , gave good news and healing to all helpless people. Soul, the agent of Jews went to Lazarus to kill him, Lazarus was with her sister, Mary, she informed her brother about Soul and imagine him as Satan.

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