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Mar 13, 2014

Besharat E Munji 13 (Prophet Issa A.S) Urdu Serial

Now Watch 13th Episode of Iranian TV Serial about life of Prophet Issa (Essa) a.s, in Urdu. Last episode shows you how Prophet Jesus performed a miracle for Jews and after pray to Allah and with blessings of Allah , Prophet Jesus a.s give life to Lazarus after he died even 4 days were passed. But Jews were doubtful and could not accept this miracle, they denied Prophet Jesus and his miracles. They , again, planned and sent some Jews leaders to Jesus a.s to test Jesus a.s about his prophecy if he succeeded to rise a dead person who died even before many centuries. So many Jews leaders went to Jesus a.s, they met with Jesus and his companions in a town , where they sit on a table of meal, Jews asked why your pupils did not wash their hands before they eat? Jesus a.s asked few question as reply : why you are wasting Rules of Allah? Jews asked how we did? Jesus a.s replied you force strictly poor to pay  coins to temple, if poor had any need but they can not spend that coins by themselves but when poor are suffering in difficulties then you never help them.Jesus a.s preached that if a man have much attention about this world and love this world or is a servant of this world and its needs then it may be said that person worship idols so Jews were also like worshipers of idols, Jews became angry with Jesus a.s as Jesus opposes their riots and acts which they were performing in the name of rules and law of Moses. Then Jesus a.s went to grave of Shem Son of Prophet Noah a.s also called سام in Arabic, where Jesus a.s ordered to dig his grave and then also started to pray, after a while he ordered to come out from grave and called Shem to rise up, in a few seconds Shem son of Noah a.s became alive and rise up, Jesus a.s asked I came to know by Allah , when you died your hairs were black now why these are white? Shem replied when I heard your call to rise me up, I terrified and think this is the day which was promised by Allah as Judgement day. When Jews informed about this event to their senior priests then denied this miracle too, and they again planned to kill Prophet Jesus a.s , they also planned to kill Lazarus who become alive by prayer of Jesus a.s. 

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