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Feb 11, 2014

East, Wall, The Sun 8

Orient, Wall and Sun is an Iranian Documantry film in Urdu مشرق ، دیوار ، آفتاب in Persian Shargh, Dewar , Aftab, is about China, this episode is with title " He said, Lets start from School" اس نے کہا مدرسہ سےآغاز کرتے ہیں. Here in this episode we will start from China's Beijing University,  where in 1952, Chinese Govt repealed all rules of education with new Japaneses educational system. In 1985 central Chinese Govt of Communist Party again repealed all rules of education in China and in few years there was in China education for 9 years for every baby was announced necessary. In China , Ministry of Education is real and actual institute to implement educational rules, development of culture and to get best management for future. Chinese says if you have plan for one year then you should get crops and grains, if you have a plan for 10 years then you may get trees, and if you have a plan for 1000 (One Thousands) years then you should train your (Humans) generations. Traveler went to a school in China (School for trainings of 21st Century) where Children were learning English, they also call and repeat traveler's travelogue as Sun, Wall and Orient in respect and honor of traveler. You will visit in this episode dance schools of China where you will get knowledge of different traditional dances of China, as there are many kinds of dance in China i.e. Stilt Walking,Lion Dancing,Chinese Palace Dance,Farmers Dance of China Korean Ethnic Group,Dragon Dancing,sword dance etc. and Traditional Chinese Exercise i.e Tai Chi , Qigong.Chinese are smart, fit and active even in they are last age. You will visit Peking Opera School too, where you will see and know why they are colorful and how they make stylish and colorful faces and how they do acting for their stylish drama.Now in this world, requirements and needs of humans have been changed, now in this age, children only call and understand parents for their own parents and take care nothing for others, same parents think about their children and understand them as their own children. Distinction between people is only for their wealth , so rich people comes up and rise and control all rules and regulations to save the theory of rich people, so if this codition in society will remain for long period then Civil War is Inevitable.Cruelty & Justice contain difference if you will lose control over cruelty then every thing will become out of control. Chinese are smart and they are not rash and Precipitator. 
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