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Jan 25, 2014

East, Wall, The Sun 4

Watch 4th (forth) Episode of Mashriq, Dewar , Aftab (Sharagh, Dewaar, Aaftaab) Iranian TV documentary in Urdu about China and Muslim Community of China, the title of this Episode is Eid, Garden, Lake and Turpan Water System. (Eid , Bahishat, Jheel aur Torfan key Karez) , Meanings of Kashghar is a Home with Several Stories , its Chinese name is Kashi (کاشی۔۔۔ کاشغر) , in Roman Scripts this name was also mentioned as Kashgar, The World's third largest Deseret Taklimakan or Teklimakan, in southwest Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, its an universal truth that travelers become happy when they visit any place far from their homeland and become much happy when they saw there people , places, culture and Love similar to their homeland........ when this film was recorded in Kashghar city there was month of Ramdhan of 1428 Hijri, and 1386 Hijri Shamsi, the month of Ramdhan was at end and now on the next day the Eid festival would be celebrated by Muslims of China (Kashi). You may also visit the ancient streets and buildings of Kashghar city with Cameraman, the traveler of this film went to a mosque where he listened known words of a supplications made by a Kashi Muslim, Wheat bread is common food but rice also used by Kashi People,also see the Tianchi lake also known as Heaven Lake of Tian Shan or Xinjiang, Turpan valley was the place of Caravan,  The Mosque of Kashghar , Id Kah Mosque(عید گاہ مسجد، کاشغر), is biggest mosque in China where on each friday 10000 worshipers come for Friday Prayer. People of Kashi use caps on their heads which reveals their ages and martial status, The technology to construct Karez was also went from Silk Road to China, Visit and appreciate Chinese engineers who made heaven in Deseret with (Karez) water system in Turpan. Karez Museum of Turpan is a place where you will see the secret how they mixed underground paths for water, listen talk by Hasan Ismail who was the Supervisor and Head of Shanghai Islamic Society. Development or Progress should be cause for minimizing of distances, when culture is 
developed then pious Interpretations become the answers of questions , writer of this travelogue wrote that the sisters , daughters and mothers become to offer prayer of Eid in mosques of Kashghar,every body wants to get spiritual place but many gets and many fails, travelogue and narratives should be read by us to know how they got Spiritual Status .................................................................
Must Watch this Episode to Know more!
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