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Feb 12, 2012

Hadith series Urdu Hadees 13

It is doubtless that any intention that harbors idolatry will lead to infidelity, whether it is a matter of statues or anything else. The context of infidelity is belief in itself; as for physical acts in them­selves, some of them are definitely of an infidel nature, like bo­wing to statues, while others are not. If we see, for example, so­meone burning Allah's Book, we will ask the following questions: Is he doing that out of respect and veneration because he found an obliteration in it and he does not want to let it be thrown in the dustbin ? Or is he doing that out of haughtiness and arrogance, in which case he would be committing an objectionable act of infideli­ty ? This shows that certain acts are not good or bad in themselves except when they are related to an intention.
The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) says : "Acts are determined by their intentionality". And this saying is at the basis of the follo­wing theological ride: "Everything depends on the purpose it is used for"
The question that we should ask is the following: What intentions go hand in hand with the making of a statue or a sculpture ? This is what we will deal with in the following chapter.

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