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Jan 22, 2012

Sayings of Imam Khomeini R.A Part 10 (Urdu)

The unity of Muslims is an actual need of today
Dear Brothers; dear sisters! Today, unity for Muslims is an actual need.
• Unity in word is the key of victory of the Islamic Ummah In general, the key of victory of the Islamic Ummah is the word unity. If the Islamic nation wants to obtain development in fields of science and material, and dominate its destiny, and be released from alien dominations, and obtain of inner and outer
prosperity, these can be obtained by having the word unity. Imperialistic centers are
using every factor to consolidating its power over the world. They have tried to use
everything to break down and divide the Islamic world, and unfortunately they have
been succeeded sensibly. If today the Palestinian people suffer such a bitter fate; if today the body of the
Palestinian people is bloody, and the tragedy of this nation has influenced the
humans, it is because of the difference in the word between Muslims. If the word
unity existed, this situation did not exist. If the Islamic Iraq has been under military
march of the invaders, it is because of the difference in the word between Muslims. If
the Middle East countries today are directly be threatened by proudly screams of
America, it is because of the difference in the word between Muslims. If Muslims
want to be survived of this disgrace, and if they want to save Palestinians, and if they
want to stop the enemy from bothering Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan and other
Islamic countries, the unity of word, unity of nations & governments and slogans is
necessary. The day of Eid ul-Fitr is the day of unity.
Holding the rope of Allah is the duty of every Muslim.
Quran says: “Hold the rope of Allah and do not straggle”. Holding the rope of
Allah is a duty for every Muslim, but the Quran, in addition to order us to hold the
rope of Allah, tells us that this holding should be in the form of groups (All); creating
this community and alliance is another obligatory task.
So besides that Muslims should hold the rope of Allah, they must do it with other
Muslims. We should just believe it correctly and do it. Verse of the Quran says: (he
who disbelieves in the idol and believes in Allah has grasped the firmest tie). This
describes the mean of rope of Allah. How is holding the rope of Allah? (It is) Belief
in Allah and disbelief in the idol.
The holy prophet (PBUH) is the unity point of Muslim world
Holy prophet and messenger, Mohammad (PBUH), is the most important point to
create unity, And the Islamic world can be jointed with each other at this point and it's
a place is a place where the emotions of all the Muslims are concentrated there; here
is center of love in the world of Islam. Now you see the writers who take money from
the Zionist, to focus on this center and they are scorning it to eliminate the importance
of insulting the Islamic Ummah gradually. This is a main point; Politicians, academic
and cultural elite, writers, poets and artists should focus on this point, all Muslims to
get united on this point. They should not consider the disputed cases, not to accuse
each other, not to excommunicate each other, not to dispossess each other from
religion. The hearts of Muslims will be refreshed by remembering the holy Prophet
and his love. All of us are his lovers.
• Meaning of Islamic unity is not to struggle
Meaning of Islamic unity is not to unify the different religions and beliefs of Islam.
Discussions about religions, beliefs and theological opinions should be done in the
scientific, juridical field, and having different juridical opinions could have no effect
on the Life and political realities. Our meaning of the unity of the Muslim world is
not to make conflict, (do not conflict because you will be weaken).

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