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Oct 7, 2011

Divine Victory of Hizbullah 2

It was not by cheer coincidence that Hezbollah turned into a struggle movement against the 'Israeli' occupation. Because Hezbollah's ideological ideals sees no legitimacy for the existence of 'Israel' a matter that elevates the contradictions to the level of existence. And the conflict becomes one of legitimacy that is based on religious ideals. The seed of resistance is also deep in the ideological beliefs of Hezbollah, a belief that found its way for expression against the Zionist occupation of Lebanon. And that is why we also find the slogan of the liberation of Jerusalem rooted deeply in the ideals of Hezbollah. Another of its ideals is the establishment of the an Islamic Government.
The Islamic Resistance was able to direct very painful blows to the Zionist enemy forcing them to withdraw step by step. One of the principal withdrawals is that of 1985 leading up to the withdrawal from the Christian area Jezzine. And finally leaving the enemy with no choice but to withdraw completely as a final solution to their problems.

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