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Jul 24, 2011

Alqaqa Bin Amr Al tamimi 17 (History of Islam)

Uthman Ibn E Affan R.A was Chosen as Third  Calif of Muslims 

After consultations settle Abdul Rahman bin Auf "success Svkona" on the selection of Uthman ibn Affan Khalifa of the Muslims, and starts Osman in Episode 17 the trial of Abdullah Ibn Umar, "Waddah Halloum" who killed three in revenge for his father, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Faafo him as an heir and guardian of the dead.
Due Qaqaa "Salloum Haddad" happy reassuring to his home and his wife, the names of "the happiest Mason," and decides to move out to Kufa.
Sad complain Chosroes Yazdegerd "Bassel Khayyat" to scare people away from him his concubine after the demise of most of his own, vowing revenge on the Arabs, and expulsion from Persia.
After the divine play dice and shoot people for worship, issued a decree banning the Caliph Othman, play with them.

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