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Apr 1, 2011

Palestinian Girl 1 (Real face of Israel ) (Must Watch)

We all are humans as Allah create us as a human , how we can recognize each other?, we are all humans , then how we can identify best and worst among us? 
very simple , we can recognize us by our own characters , we all have different characters 
many of among us has very ugly character and many has very beautiful character 
in this story we can watch people and nations with many different characters 
Palestine was originally territory was Muslims, Palestinians but Jews , Zionists went there and occupied with the help of UNO and America and Britain  
and they killed and till killing innocent Palestinians who are Muslims, being a Muslim how we can bear it?
Zionist are much afraid of they do not wish to die , so they are trying in every way to save themselves from death , but we have faith to die one day and all will present before Allah in judgment day, they too believe in it but they want to prevent that day and they also want to kill Allah  نعوذ با للہ  and want to occupy all universe, 
the logic is that , their all Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy and all their Satanic Science is a try to achieve all their evil purposes 
in this story people have two faces , one is Zionists face and other is the face of poor and innocent Palestinians , and they hijack Palestinian babies to get their organs , like their eyes,hearts , livers etc.
here in this story they too try to get eyes of an innocent baby of Palestine and at last they succeeded 

this is a real story from Palestine which was banned in Europe and America, 
Must Watch  

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