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Apr 1, 2011

Kingdom of Solomon A.S 2 (Best Urdu Full Movie)

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A rock where from Prophet Muhammad A.S went to Skyes formeeting with Allah, alone, today is still in Israil, and when Muhammad S.A.W went to Sky, that rock also start to rise up , but Muhhamad S.A.W said to that rock stop, so, in present, that rock is too still stationery in air, up to earth, you can seem that rock here too,on net
It is much careful to be peous and neat and cleaned each time, if you will neat and clean then evil powers can not affect you , here are some scenes about the attack of Jinns and Evil powers in City of Zbolon , in Kingdom of Solomon A.S
Here Jinns and Evils attacked on people and occupy on their behaviors and their behavior became much torturful among their own brothers , some people who were keeping beleave in Allah , were not affected by Evils , so they were in battele and were saving their families and their owns,
but evil was much power full, and when Solomon A.S came to there evil had done very killing among common people
So Prophet Solomon A.S came and Evil could not face the Power of Solomon A.S which was granted by Allah tyo his Great Prophet of Israel
The all Rabbis were taking interest and usury on their money which they gve to poor Jews , it was not allowed by Allah , and never allowed in Book of Moses but all Rabbis wrote different commands in their on books and spread all those books among People, and say these are all from Allah,
they did not know that there is also a Prophet among them sent byto amke clean them, and Usury is an Evil action which is not allowed by Allah, but they were doing all bad.
When Prophet Solomon A.S was not in main city Jerusalm, on that time evil powers attack on Mosque Aqsa and start to kill all People who were with Prophet Solomon,
you know best then how Prophet Allah was helped by Allah and Prophet Solomon A.S canme back to city in a night with much velocity and speed
You will have read about the Nusrat of Allah, it is a Victory in special case , granted by Allah to all his people who in difficulties only depend upon Alimight Alllah but not others, so when they only depend upon Allah , Allah must grant them great victory which will be undefeatable, there is only few conditions for the ''Nusrat''
one should only keep believe in ALlah, one should never call any other for help but Allah will help him if he will call for help Him,
Allah also helped Prophet Solomon when there was no any solution for the Jinns and Devil and Evil Powers but Allah is so kind on His creatures , so Allah helped Prophet solomon A.S and saved Humans from Evils
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  1. salam brother kiya prophet solomon a.s ki yehi do episods hai kindly inform me if you dont mind thanks

  2. Asalam o Aalaikum Warahmatullahe Wabaraktuh plz baty ga kh agly parts kab tak ayn gay

  3. Asalam o Aalaikum Warahmatullahe Wabaraktuh How are you brother? plz baty aglh part kab ay ga plz koi to jowab de jay

  4. Dera this movie is full , with run time of 110 minutes@Zonaisha Ch


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