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Mar 30, 2011

Awais Qarni R.A (Urdu Movie) 1اویس قرنی رضہ

Watch a great Tv serialon the life of Hazrat Awais Owais Ovais Avais Qarni Karni Krni Qrni R.A who never met with Prophet Muhammad PBUH in his life , but he was true follower of Islam too , he belonged to Yemen in Arab , he decided many times to go to Madina  Tyyabba
but mother of Awais Owais Qarni R.A was much sick and old age so Hazrat Awais could not leave her in Yemen, so he could no go to meet with Muhammad PBUH , at last one day his mother permitted him to go to Madina, he went to Madina too, but he could not meet with Muhammad PBUH as at that time Muhammad PBUH was not in City of Madina,
watch and enjoy this great serial on Urdu
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