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Mar 13, 2015

Film & Facts

Films & Facts is a featured article by a blogger, he mentioned many important things about holly wood, bolly wood and lolly wood. First of all it is necessary to know the history of camera, video camera, video, film and cinema etc. for this purpose, I will recommend you to read Magic History by Jews, Satan & Zionists, you will find in detail how they invested to make videos and then also make popular cinema among world to explore their ideas and to promote what they want to fix in minds of others, in simple they want that other should see the world in their eye... eye of camera, see what they want to show us. Now holly wood working on their agenda and promoting only sex, horror and torture through their makings, films and videos. To know more about holly wood please watch video here Real Face of Holly Wood. Films are not based on facts or reality, they exploring artificial and unnatural events and deeds done by humans. Here below author of this post trying to tell you that in Indian films what they are showing which never happened in India even the dress which they show in films dressed by heroes and heroins, no Indian ware these dresses and no one can see young girls dancing in streets by wearing under wares. But in films they show us like some thing as girls are dancing in streets by wearing under wares........ whats is this... this made girls and ladies a sex symbol, a piece of having sex with them and men become more hungry for ladies and then evils are done by us. Stop it!
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