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May 6, 2013

Biblical & Islamic Movies (Urdu Movies)

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Abraham - Joseph - Moses - Solomon

Ashab Kahf - Awais Qarni - Khalid bin Walid

Salahuddin Ayubi - Omar Mukhtar - Nur ud Din Zangi - Tipu Sultan

Here is a List of Complete Movies based on Islamic and Biblical History
  1. Prophet David A.S in Islam

  2. Prophet Adam and Hwa A.S (Urdu) Biblical Movie

  3. Prophet David 1 Urdu (Prophet Dawud A.S) Biblical Movie

  4. Prophet David 2 Urdu (Prophet Dawud A.S) Biblical Movie

  5. Prophet David 3 Urdu (Prophet Dawud A.S) Biblical Movie

  6. Prophet David 4 End Urdu (Prophet Dawud A.S) Biblical Movie

  7. Prophet Job A.S 1 (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  8. Prophet Job A.S 2 (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  9. Prophet Job A.S 3 (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  10. Prophet Job A.S 4 (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  11. Prophet Job A.S 5 End (Prophet Ayub A.S)

  12. Prophet Samuel (AS) Urdu Samwil (Nabi Samuil) 

  13. The story of Talut (Saul) A King Chosen by Allah 

  14. Prophet Lut A.S (Prophet loot and Ibrahim A.S) 

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