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Apr 30, 2013

Aashiqui 2 (Love Makes Life Live) Watch Full Movie Online

Aashiqui 2 about the movie: Aashiqui 2 is directed by Mohit Suri, Aashiqui 2 Movie is a musical romantic drama starring Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. The movie Aashiqui 2 also stars Shaad Randhawa. Set in modern day Aashiqui 2 is modern tales of love. It's a musical love story with Rahul Jaykar (played by Aditya Roy Kapoor in movie Aashiqui 2) and Arohi Shirke (role played by Shraddha Kapoor in Aashiqui 2) playing as love birds in this immortal saga. The movie takes you through a musical journey of two lovers who goes through with love and hate, twists and turbulence, success and failure, in their lives.Aashiqui 2 movie is a sequel of the cult musical love story 'Aashiqui' which was released on year 1990 that starred Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal. While Aditya will be reprising the role of Rahul here, Shraddha will be seen in Anu's shoes. The original movie Aashiqui was directed by Mahesh Bhatt, and produced by T-Series and Vishesh Films. The sequel Aashiqui 2 is being directed by Bhatt's nephew Mohit Suri, and is yet again produced by T-Series and Vishesh Films.It was planned to rope newcomers to play the lead characters in the movie Aashiqui 2, wherein a Talent Hunt was also being announced. However later everything was dropped out, and the makers signed two budding actors of the industry - Shraddha Kapoor (daughter of Shakti Kapoor) and Aditya Roy Kapoor who is a kid brother of UTV's head honcho Siddharth Roy Kapur. The movie was plan to be released in the end of 2012, but then the makers were expecting a Valentine release in 2013. Now Aashiqui 2 is set to release on April 26, 2013. Watch Aashiqui 2 on Page of Urdu Media i.e. Bolly Wood (Hindi Movies) now available.

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Item Reviewed: Aashiqui 2 (Love Makes Life Live) Watch Full Movie Online Description: Aashiqui 2 movie is a musical love story with Rahul Jaykar (Aditya Roy Kapoor) and Arohi Shirke (Shraddha Kapoor) as the lead characters. Aashiqui 2 takes you through a musical journey of two lovers who go through love and hate, twists and turbulence, success and failure in their lives. Will they accept their success and live life together or do their egos separate them forever?Some moments transform themselves into lingering memories and when you visit those memories back you are left with a smile on your face! That reminds us.. there's a contest coming up for all you Aashiqui 2 fans. Stay hooked! Aashiqui 2 is an upcoming Indian romantic cum action film directed by Mohit Suri, starring Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles. The film is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar & Mukesh Bhatt under the banner of Super Cassettes Industries Ltd. and Vishesh Films. The film was to be releasedtentatively around Valentine’s Day 2013. The film will now release on 10th May 2013. Star Cast Aditya Roy Kapoor as Rahul Jokarykr Shraddha Kapoor as Arohi Stirke Shaad Randhawa Director… Mohit Suri Producer… Bhushan Kumar, Kishan Kumar, Mukesh Bhatt Genre… Romance Release Date… 10 May 2013 Story: A fading singing sensation finds new purpose in life when he falls in love with a talented singing aspirant. But the blitzkrieg of stardom makes, breaks and shakes their love story. Movie Review: He sings. She sings. He, for his stardom. She, for her supper. And the twain meet. In a restrobar, where she croons and he swoons. And Aashiqui is born. Again! Retelling the celebrity story that stardom ain't an easy ride. It sometimes vrooms and then goes sputter, the fuel of celebdom often running out. Like Rahul Jaykar (Aditya) discovers; once basking in a 'rockstar' like status, but soon losing it to alcohol, addiction and self-deprecation. But when he meets budding singer Aarohi (Shraddha), his heart finds a new beat and his crumbling life finds a cause. He trains her to become the Nightingale of India; she shines while he stays her shadow; sometimes sober, mostly stoned. The real lyric of this story is their romance, pulsating with passion and intensity - on high notes and 'higher spirits'. Suri's musical love story doesn't bear much semblance to the original 'Aashiqui'; instead it finds its own rhythm. He pitches the story with old-world romance, high-drama and well-crafted heart-breaking moments. Aarohi's character is endearing and Rahul stays 'bottled' (like 'Devdas' with a cause), with sudden outbursts. The story slows down in parts and the climax might seem unreal to many, but maybe a 'fix' for die-hard aashiqs. Aditya is likeable in mushy moments, he shows intensity in flashes but sometimes loses grip. A mature role like this demands a lot, nonetheless, it's a good effort. Shraddha looks innocently beautiful. Letting her emotions play out brilliantly in high-strung scenes with supreme confidence. This is a talent to look out for. The jodi's palpable chemistry heightens the drama. The music is the strongest supporting cast, with captivating tunes like Tum Hi Ho (Arijit Singh), Sunn Raha Hai (Ankit Tiwari) and Bhula Dena (Mustafa Zahid) pouring more passion in to the story. This could be good soup for the lovers' soul - with a dash of old-world flavour. Note: You will not like this if die-hard romantic films don't leave you enthused or entertained. Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Unknown
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