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Mar 28, 2013

Hunter in a Trap (CIA Spy Arrested)

Iranian TV has recently aired a documentary titled "Hunter in a Trap", about Iranian intelligence services revealing and capturing CIA spies in the country, the young journalists club website reported.
The documentary features a man, who calls himself "Matthew Waluk" from Slovenia, that describes how the operation was set up.
According to him, in 2008 he established a website online, that offered bogus jobs in Slovenia, in the spheres of science, biotechnology, IT, and others.After several Iranians got interested in the offer, the website forwarded their names and other sensitive information to the CIA.
There are six people in the video, who are presented as CIA's undercover agents in Iran, and their numerous meetings at different hotels, streets, shops and other places are shown.
The detainees speak about their missions in the film as well.
In 2011, Iranian media reported that 12 agents of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who were targeting its military and nuclear programme, were arrested in Tehran.

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